I want to thank everyone who took the time to write and give me feedback and encouragement on the launch of my website!  Your feedback is invaluable and I am deeply grateful!

Someone wanted to know more about my Le Creuset.  If your not familiar with this amazing line read on!  Since 1925 this fine porcelain-enamel cookware has been manufactured in the small French village of Fresnoyle-Grand.  The cast iron core distributes heat like no other cookware and I am told that Chefs around the world prefer Le Creuset over other many other types of cookware.

Note:  If you are cooking in a Le Creuset you must put Olive Oil or something else in the bottom of it and bring up the heat slowly.  From there, you will find that it stays very hot and you do not need to turn up your heat as much as a recipe may call for.

But, if truth be told, I bought my first piece because I loved the way it looked.  Mine is a round French Oven in a bright, cheerful Yellow!  This thing makes me happy just sitting on the stove top!  This definitely falls in the category of things that make my heart sing.  

My first dish in my Le Creuset was a Beef Stew that wowed!  I loved that I could cook this on the stovetop – put the whole thing in the fridge with the leftovers – carry it to my neighbors house for dinner the next night – and reheat it on their stove top.  What can I say, it’s the little things that make me smile!

BTW, I’ll post the recipe on my website under the “My Favorite Things” tab on Tuesday so be sure to come back and visit then.


Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful.

Mark Victor Hansen

And with that being said – I begin!  Just two short weeks ago I had an idea – an idea that stirred up some crazy, chaotic, creative energy — and I loved it.  YOUR support and encouragement have propelled me to this point and I jump now in to the land of the blogger with the purest intention to bring some value to your life. 

I am THE PASSIONATE PURVEYOR!  I love finding new things, trying new things, learning new concepts, embracing new ideas.  This passion leads me to reading, searching, listening.  There is so much valuable information out there in the world and I love to sift through it all and bring clarity to chaos in the world of what’s good for us.  

I have been on a long-time quest of health and happiness.  I BELIEVE that all things are possible and that what we think about we bring about.  I look to bring about positive change in the world by bringing you positive products/services/resources, etc.  

I look to many industries to pull from; health care, nutrition, exercise.  I look for things that are produced with integrity…whether they be made here in the United States or in Turkey from organic, sustainable fibers.  I look for foods and recipes that nourish our souls as well as our stomachs.  I look for medicine that heals as nature intended.  I look for things that make my heart sing!

I hope that you will travel on this journey towards well-being with me.  If nothing else, perhaps I can help you save some time by doing the ground work and sharing with you the ultimate findings…tested, tried, and true.

Please be patient with me as my website evolves..as I am sure it will as all things do!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. You can reach me through the Contact page.

Until next time, 

With gratitude,

To your health (mental, physical and spiritual),

The Passionate Purveyor